Clenbuterol Hydrochloride

As a bronchodilator Clenbuterol stimulates the Beta-2 receptors, which in-turn greatly increases metabolic activity. This increase in metabolic activity occurs due to the Beta stimulation increasing your body temperature due to increased cellular heat; this increase in heat in the cells is caused by the Mitochondria in the cell(s), they increase heat production, which increases body temperature, which increases your metabolic rate; pretty simple yet very effective. By increasing metabolic activity we increase the rate in which fat is used for energy; we increase the rate and efficiency in which fat is burned. Further, Clenbuterol has been shown to reduce appetite in some individuals; however, this will prove to be very individualistic. While all will experience an increase in core temperature followed by an increase in metabolic activity, appetite suppression through Clenbuterol use will affect everyone differently.

The benefits of Clenbuterol should be fairly easy to perceive as it will improve cardiovascular efficiency and our metabolic activity. While increasing lipolysis (fat-loss) will prove to be its greatest attribute its benefits do not end there. Clenbuterol has been shown to increase fat-free mass (lean tissue) although not to the degree of an anabolic steroid it will still carry a modest anabolic affect. This increase in fat-free mass, although modest is brought about by an increase in protein synthesis; this simply means your protein, the foundation of muscle tissue, is better served, its activity and efficiency become greater than without Clenbuterol being present in the body. Couple this with its strong fat-burning abilities, as increases in muscle tissue also increase metabolic activity you have one very powerful fat reducing medication on your hands.

Clenbuterol Cycles & Doses:

There are generally two schools of thought on how to best utilize Clenbuterol safely and effectively. The most common method is 2 weeks on followed by two weeks off. While the 2wks on/2wks off is most common, increasingly a steady and longer duration of administration has increasingly become more popular.

As you can see these are two very different methods of application and one emphatically works better than the other. While 2wks on/2wks off is the most popular it is only so due to the vast amount of misinformation thanks to the ever increasing phenomena known as “Bro Science” purported on a host of internet message boards. The truth is simple; the 2wk on/2wk off method is far less efficient than our other option. It is true, after a two week period your body will adjust to the stimulating effect and your jitters will dissipate largely but this does not mean the Clenbuterol is no longer working as is the common misconception. To obtain a full effect, although the immediate fat-loss will be greatest in the first two weeks we must continue Clenbuterol therapy far past the 2-week mark if we are to take full advantage of metabolic increasing activity. To achieve this end a steady increase in Clenbuterol every 2-3 weeks as needed will prove to be far more efficient. Most will find, both men and women that a starting dose of 40mcg per day to be perfect with increases of 20mcg every 2-3 weeks.